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TicTacToe Math Videos Here is my NEW video and FREE APP. You can play with the THREES & SEVENS and ALL times tables yourself on a Number Wheel for mastery and fireworks. Watch this video on how to play with this fun amazing number wheel app, while it teaches the times tables AND basic number patterns that will fascinate YOU: The app is free on the Google Play store and Itunes Let me know how you like it. It is very right brained and helps kids experience fascinating patterns of multiplication visually and audibly. I would love feedback on the Itunes or Google Play Store. FUN pattern ways to create the whole TIMES TABLE. On a tic-tac-toe square you put the numbers 1-9. In three seconds you can create the Threes multiplication table. It is fun and easy patterns that create 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27- and 30. And there are ways to continue the pattern to reveal multiplication of the Threes to 100 x 3 and beyond. There are also playful patterns for creating the Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Sixes (five different ways) Sevens, Eights, Nines, and even the whole times table on a blank table. Kids, Teachers, Parents, and schools will benefit from this fun way to approach the times table that creates a positive attitude about math. The editor of Curriculum Review magazine says, "I like the book [EZ Times Table] because it is user-friendly and can be utilized with a variety of grade-school children." See the book EZ Times Table available on and on the website
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