Pattern Play Math
Number Wheel Video Series Here is my NEW video and FREE APP. You can play with the THREES & SEVENS and ALL times tables yourself on a Number Wheel for mastery and fireworks. Watch this video on how to play with this fun amazing number wheel app, while it teaches the times tables AND basic number patterns that will fascinate YOU: The app is free on the Google Play store and Itunes Let me know how you like it. It is very right brained and helps kids experience fascinating patterns of multiplication visually and audibly. I would love feedback on the Itunes or Google Play Store. Numbers make fun and fascinating patterns as we create the times table. Math times table created from fun patterns as a way to learn multiplication tables for Eights and Twos. This video also teaches place value. This video has the student create worksheets where they can learn the times tables. This is useful for teaching math in a classroom, at home, as part of homeschool or as fun homework. Right Brain Math can teach Elementary Students. Curriculum Review magazine calls it a revolutionary approach to introducing math. It is also very effective for remedial math for students who have fallen behind in math. Learning the multiplication tables are crucial for a student taking algebra. The Right Brain approach has helped many kids who have a negative attitude about math or numbers. Right Brain Math is an easy, effective, visual method of teaching multiplication as well as addition, subtraction, or division. It also helps students learn factors. Because it uses visual and auditory patterns as a teaching strategies, it appeals to many learning styles because it emphasizes patterns and puzzles and overviews. Kids see the big picture of the multiplication tables first, and then understand how the individual factors relate to each other.
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