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Right Brain Math:an EZ way to learn numbers

The Visual, Fun, Easy, Multi-sensory Way to Learn Addition

3 May 2016 03:51

This is an intro to a dozen videos on the fabulous Addition on a Number Wheel.                                         Make FIVES Number Wheel: pairs of numbers that add up to 5 or 15 This approach is important because: […]

Number Wheel Boxes are Magic Addition

2 Jan 2016 23:20

Below are some Number Circles in chalk I did at a park Thurs. Kids and adults were amazed. 0 on top and 5 on the bottom. The one square is made up of numbers next to 0 and 5 (1-4-9-6). The other square is numbers away from 0 and 5 (2-3-7-8). Tops and bottoms of […]

Exciting time for MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math expanding in two directions

28 Sep 2015 22:45

The idea of playing with numbers goes against the serious nature of most math teaching, but it is actually much more effective than grind memorization. Kids get excited, have fun, generate a positive attitude about math, develop curiosity and learn to see and look for underlying patterns everywhere: the basis for learning for a lifetime. […]

How to Make a Number Wheel by MisterNumbers

27 Jul 2015 21:25 How to make Number Circles or Number Wheels are a fun, exciting, and playful way to learn math. Watch for more videos by MisterNumbers on using Number Wheels for addition. This video is a simple way how a student can create their OWN number wheel or Number Circle. They love to create it and create […]

Sevens Times Table in Seven seconds

30 Aug 2014 02:09

This is MisterNumbers second vine video. There is way more info than most can understand in this seven second video. BUT if you pause it, or watch the video below it, You will get the magic. This video is great for review. Below is also a graphic to show how the times table fits on […]

Vine Video series on Learning the Times Tables by MisterNumbers

23 Jul 2014 01:47

I enjoy Vines (7 second videos) and just started a series on Twitter on the times tables. It is fast and fun and because it cycles on Twitter, it creates the Times Tables 8 times a minute. The first two are on the Threes and Sevens on Tic-Tac-Toe Squares, each created in 7 seconds from […]

Ten-Adds: A Cool First Step to Right Brain Math Play

24 Mar 2014 22:21

One of the keys to Right Brain Math is exploring Ten-Adds (the numbers that add up to 10: 1-9, 2-8, 3-7, and 4-6, 5-5 and 10-0). It does help kids in addition, but it has many other benefits, and show up on Tic-Tac-Toe Squares, Number Wheels, and even Cubes of numbers. The main advantage is that […]

The Magic Day for 2014 is Friday, Amaze your friends with Calendar Math Magic!

10 Jan 2014 06:17

Easily figure out what day of the week any date falls on for this year, last year, or next year by using the Magic Day and a Key Date for each month. Take a couple minutes and learn this fun math trick with your kids. This is easy and incredibly handy for the rest of your […]

Fractions and Divisions the Right Brain Way by MisterNumbers Pattern Play Math

11 Nov 2013 02:37

I am MisterNumbers with 1.5 million views of fun right-brain math teaching videos. I have taught math and my kids have ginven me 5 wonderful grandchildren aged 5-11. I want all kids and their parents to know that when kids “don’t get math” it is often a teaching problem, not a learning problem. I hear […]

Right Brain Math book, new edition April 2013

30 Mar 2013 23:14

The Right Brain Math book has been a favorite of teachers, parents, kids, and schools. Now it is better than ever. See hundreds of teacher, parent, and kid reviews on the testimonial page at The new edition is out now, April 2013 with over a hundred changes, corrections, new images and additions. It is […]

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